Heartwarming Homecoming: Debuty Family Moves Into New Home

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Blount County (WVLT) - It was back in February that a Blount County couple lost their home and four children in a house fire.

Thanks to the help of many volunteers, the Debuty family is moving into their new home.

Thursday marks seven months to the day of the fire and what a difference seven months can make.

Ross and Amanda Debuty welcomed people to see their new home on the very same site of the fire.

A ceremony was held giving thanks to all the businesses who donated materials to build the home.

And to all the volunteers who donated their time to see the project to its end, Ross Debuty says he's thankful but its not the brick and mortar that's helped to heal their hearts, its people with good hearts, "You cant ever make up for the loss for anything like that. but to know that all these people love you, support you, their doing all this, it helps you feel better.

Completely furnished, the Debutys are now moving in their personal belongings for their first night's stay.

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