'Roomy' Accommodations For Vol Fans

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Knoxville (WVLT) Thousands of fans are migrating to Neyland Stadium this weekend.

So will those big orange fans have a place to stay when the game clock winds down?

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt talked with people in the hospitality industry who say there is more than enough room for vol fans.

Ken Knight, the General Manager for Crown Plaza says, "as soon as people are able to make a reservation they'll start calling and making them."

When the Tennessee football schedule comes out, Knight, says almost immediately rooms fill up.

"We can accommodate everybody, we could use more rooms, there's always more demand than supply."

And even though football weekends are demanding, Knight says Knoxville is ready.

"Knoxville has a lot of hotel rooms and has added a lot of hotel rooms the last several years, so there's plenty of places for people to stay."

In fact, Senior Vice President for Knoxville Tourism and Sports, Kim Paul says the number of rooms have increased over the years, especially with two new hotels going up downtown in the last year alone.

"We have more than enough hotel rooms for folks, we even have rooms available right now for this weekend."

She says there are more than nine thousand rooms in the area.

And if you add new restaurants and shops in market square, Paul says the city becomes very attractive.

"That's made it even better for folks that are coming to the game, because they have more options to choose from and places to stay."

And big orange fans mean lots of green.

Knight says, "money's always good, football fans bring money with them and don't mind spending it."

Paul continues, "it means tons of money for our restaurants, our hotels and attractions."

And as long as Vol fans keep coming through the doors, they'll have a place to stay.

"Overall the hotel business is up, this just adds to it."

Hotel managers say they keep tabs on what everyone has available so visitors are able to find a place to stay on busy weekends like this one.

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