Erin McLean Fired From Teaching Gig

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Nashville (WVLT) - A developing story, we first told you about at 1. More trouble tonight for a former east tennessee student teacher involved in a bizarre love triangle.

Erin McLean has lost a teaching job in middle tennessee amid claims of inappropriate contact with another teenage boy.
Only on WVLT - Mike McCarthy has the details.

The new school brought a new face to Pioneer Christian Academy in Nashville.

"The new teacher seemed nice, like she was ready to go for it, just gung-ho," parent Kay Brown said.

But parent Kay Brown didn't know English teacher Erin Meyers' past.

"Just absolutely floored," Brown said.

That's because Erin Meyers is really Erin McLean. She's the former West High School student teacher accused of having an affair with her former student, 18-year-old Sean Powell.

"There are allegations now of very similar circumstances by her. She was after a 17-year-old---I repeat a 17-year-old," attorney Bruce Poston said.

Poston is her husband, Eric's, defense attorney. Eric's charged with killing Powell in March. Thursday, Poston spoke with the Nashville family who says Erin's allegedly had inappropriate contact with their son.

"I talked with the mother and she's so upset---how could this person get a job?" Poston said.

"She wasn't forthcoming in what was on her resume, that sort of thing." said Jeff Darnell, the Pioneer Christian Academy's headmaster.

Meyers is McLean's maiden name.

"There was a lot of phone calls going to a particular student," Darnell said.

Officials say more than 20 phones in three to four hours Saturday Night.

"The calls were coming from a motel room where she was at," Poston said.

After the school learned about McLean's past and the calls, they fired her Wednesday.

"This woman's a predator. She can't help it," Poston said.

But Poston says her actions will help Eric's defense.

"The loveless marriage theory. The I just fell in love theory that's gone," Poston said.

Also gone, Poston says, her credibility.

"We're not talking about actions anymore. We're talking about your truthfulness when you testify," Poston said.

Parents just worry what she planned to do.

"Was she leading to something new and repeating a pattern? A dangerous pattern?" Brown said.

A question the courts will answer.

Erin also applied to work at Metro Nashville Public Schools using her married name. She didn't get the job.

Erin's attorney says Erin made a lapse in judgment, and the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

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