Plumbing Problems at Carter Elementary School

Knoxville (WVLT) - Some Carter Elementary school parents are furious about plumbing problems.

And at least one mother is taking action, keeping her children home until the problem is fixed.

Volunteer TV's Lauren Davis has more on the problem, and reaction.

Backed up sewage, and no trips to the bathroom for at least an hour.

Some parents say it's just another health problem for an aging school.

Angela Wilson's two children are usually in school at Carter Elementary during the day.

But not Wednesday. She kept them home, after she says administrators told all the elementary students not to use the bathroom or run water on Tuesday.

Angela Wilson says, "It was from at least 12:45pm until 2:10pm which is more than an hour they were without water."

Carter Elementary Principal Julie Thompson, "We asked them not to use the water for about an hour yesterday afternoon while being repaired."

Tuesday, repair workers were fixing the pipe so the students were told not to use the bathroom.

The reason, according to Thompson, repairs from an incident on Monday when a sewer pipe broke and sewage backed up in the cafeteria.

Wilson says, "It was nasty very nasty."

School officials say the health department inspected the school twice and found it was safe for students to remain at school.

They also say KUB tested the water to make sure it was clean to use.

But parents are still upset their children weren't sent home.

Wilson says, "They can't go to the bathroom, they don't need to be there and if they can't wash their hands don't need to be there.

Parent, Shawna Atkins says, "Not only can they not wash hands but that smell can make them sick."

School officials say it's safe for Angela to send her students back to school and assure parents the plumbing is working and the problem won't happen again.

The health department will return to Carter Elementary school in 10 days to make sure the school is still safe for students.

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