Dan Rather Sues CBS

NEW YORK (AP) -- Dan Rather is suing CBS and his former bosses for 70 million dollars.

The former anchor of the "CBS Evening News" claims they made him a scapegoat for a discredited story about President Bush's military service during the Vietnam War. He says their actions damaged his reputation and cost him significant financial loss.

The lawsuit accuses the network of intentionally botching the aftermath of the story about Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard. It says Rather was forced to take the fall to, quote, "pacify" the White House.

An outside review for CBS found the story was neither fair nor accurate. The story's producer was fired.

Rather was removed from his anchor position in March 2005. At the time he was making six million dollars a year.

A CBS spokeswoman says the complaints are "old news" and says the lawsuit is without merit.