Major Tennessee Roadway Reopens

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Knoxville (WVLT) Getting out of, and into downtown Knoxville is now much easier.

After nine months of construction and a total reconstruction, the James White Parkway reopened Friday morning.

It's all part of phase one of the SmartFIX40.

The new James White Parkway includes six new bridges, four new ramps and a tunnel, comprising more than two miles of new roadway.

Approximately 48,600 cars use the Parkway everyday according to TDOT.

"The opening of James White Parkway is a major milestone for the SmartFIX40 project," said Gerald Nicely, Commissioner for TDOT. "Crews constructed the new James White Parkway and Hall of Fame Drive in preparation for the I-40 closure which is scheduled for May 2008. These projects are necessary in order to maintain access to Knoxville's growing downtown area during the 14-month closure."

One thing you need to be aware of, the ramp to Westbound I-40 won't be done until May of 2008.

The ramp to Riverside Drive will also not be done until then.

TDOT says James White Parkway is a great way to get from the UT football game Saturday onto Eastbound I-40.

You'll still need to use Hall of Fame Drive to get to Westbound I-40.

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