Diane Jordan, Chuck Bolus Testify in Knox Sunshine Law Trial

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Knoxville (WVLT) - A former Knox County commissioner has testified she had no qualms about nominating her stepson to replace her.

And an appointed commissioner claims that nobody told him to take office early.

Volunteer TV's Gordon Boyd has more on today's star witnesses, defending themselves in the lawsuit accusing them of violating tennessee's open meetings law.

Some citizens have said directly and plaintiff attorneys have implied that Gresham Middle School Associate Principal Richard Charles "Chuck" Bolus has been a puppet in all this.

Bolus had been the campaign treasurer for Commission Chairman Scott Moore.

Commissioners appointed him to fill Billy Tindell's term-limited commission seat after Tindell vacated it, when commissioners appointed him to replace the term limited County Clerk.

Bolus took his seat less than an hour after his appointment and cast the deciding vote that broke the deadlock on who would fill another term limited commission seat.

That vote allowed supporters of former Sheriff Tim Hutchison to keep their majority on commission.

Under oath, Bolus told jurors this morning he had no guarantees he'd be nominated, much less win his seat, although he asked several commissioners to vote for him.

He also says no one told him to swear in early.

"I thought about it many times, had that seat not gone empty, our people without a voice, " Bolus said. "I don't know whether I'd done what I did."

Immediately afterward, lawyers for a citizen's group and the editor of the Knoxville News-Sentinel called up Chairman Moore's phone records, trying to establish a time frame that could imply Bolus had help.

Earlier, former Commissioner Diane Jordan defended her preference for her stepson Josh to fill her term limited seat, saying his qualifications equaled other candidates, though he had not submitted a resume prior to the appointment process.

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