Erin McLean E-mails Attorney

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Knoxville (WVLT) - An attorney who represents the woman at the center of a deadly love triangle who disappeared over a week ago says she has been in contact with his client.

WVLT's Lauren Davis has been following the story.

Nashville attorney Gary Blackburn says Erin McLean e-mailed him and says she and her eight year-old and eleven year-old sons are out of state, safe, and she has enrolled the boys in school.

This comes as Erin's husband, Eric McLean, announced he wants his children removed from his wife' custody.

"Eric loves these children. They're his life and he's scared something could happen to them," says Bruce Poston, Eric McLean's criminal attorney.

Poston expected an emergency custody order to be filed by Eric's family to remove the children.

"We have a mother who tried to commit suicide and has been in a mental health facility, who has no assets and took them out of school," says Poston.

A motion was not filed Monday, which Poston says surprises him.

Volunteer TV spoke to Erin's attorney by phone and he said he has heard from Erin.

"I received an e-mail from her. 'Gone to friends out of state, enrolled boys in school.' And her hope is to find a keep a job without the harassment she's been receiving," says Attorney Gary Blackburn.

Eric McLean is charged with the shooting and killing of Sean Powell in March.

Prosecutors believe Erin McLean was having an affair with 18 year-old Powell while she was student teaching at West High School.

Erin was fired from a teaching job in middle Tennessee this month for "inappropriate contact" with a student.

Her husband's lawyer says she checked herself out of a mental institution on September 15, telling her family she was taking her children with her to California to visit a man she met on the internet.

"She's tried to maintain dignity by declining interviews, but the defense continues to seek out cameras," says Blackburn.

At this time, Erin is not facing any criminal charges.

Erin has legal custody of the children.

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