Ammunition shortage draws people to gun show

Knoxville,Tenn (WVLT)-- Gun owners and sellers have been fighting an ammunition shortage for months.

Sunday's Gun Show at the Knoxville Expo Center had people lined up to get their hands on some ammo.

"Everyone tried to rush in and get what they need before it disappears," said Tom Queener, a gun owner who says he's seen ammo prices increase.

"People line up at the door, first thing they do when they come up to your table is ask, where's the ammo?" said Justin Gulledge, a vendor from Atlanta.

With an increase in people getting their conceal to carry licenses, more guns, means more people wanting to stock up on brass.

Queener says he's seen a lot of target shooters cut back, because it costs too much to shoot hundreds of rounds at a time.

Garry Dillman, owns three guns, he says it's getting more and more expensive, "Some of these shells use to be 99 cents, or 89 cents a box, now they're 45, 20, 30 dollars," he says.

It's not just ammo that's spiking in price, reloading components, like powder is increasing too.

"It went from 22 to 28 dollars a pound," said Queener.

While it's still bad, many, including Gulledge, tell us, it's better than it was a few months ago.

"You're seeing some weapons out here you haven't seen in the last few months," he says," that ammo is going to come along with it."

Vendors are now selling a variety of other creative items to keep their businesses going while they wait.

Some target shooters say they are recycling their shell casings as a way to save money until prices go down.

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