Anderson County's Mayor talks about controversial issues

From a salary suit to controversy in the court room- the first woman mayor of Anderson County has been on a roller coaster ride of sorts.

It's the county where Mayor Terry Frank grew up. All the reason why she spends her days making major decisions that affect many.

"We have to have some level of growth whether it's through tourism dollars or industry growth and jobs," said Mayor Frank.

Her past year in office has been hit with opposition.
From hanging "In God We Trust" signs on the courthouse to approving the sheriff's budget--both have been controversial.

" Whether you want to house federal prisoners or not
whether you want to commit Anderson County to another million dollars in funding or not, those are big issues," said Mayor Frank.

"I couldn't sign it. It has been criticism that I'm being an obstructionist. I look at the numbers and I know what those numbers mean for the taxpayers of Anderson County," said Mayor Frank.

The people who work and live here are her main concern.
When her job here is done she hopes for one thing:

"I want to be remembered for having the right motives and working as hard as I can," said Mayor Frank.

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