Ask Heather - most dangerous weather here?

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- This week's weather question comes from a Boy Scout working on his weather merit badge. Ryan asked, "What is the most dangerous type of weather for those of us living in the Valley?"

If I had to put it simply, I’d say thunderstorms only because that is a common weather event, but thunderstorms include damaging wind, hail, flooding, lightning, etc.

What’s really the biggest danger? Not being informed. Every type of weather can be dangerous without the right information. Being informed on the forecast, and keeping up with watches and warnings is the key to avoiding danger, no matter the weather threat.

One thing that is very interesting about the weather we experience is that we really get it all. Data collected by the National Weather Service in Morristown indicates that April is the month with the most tornadoes in East Tennessee, May is when we’ve experienced the most damaging hail, and June has the most occurrences of damaging wind.

Severe Weather Awareness week is designed to remind Tennesseans of the main weather threats we face every year. The topics: tornadoes, thunderstorms, Derechos (wind storms), hail, floods, and lightning.

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