Blount Co. Sheriff's Office seizes cash, jewelry during raid

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Blount Co. Sheriff's Office said it seized thousands of dollars worth of cash and jewelry following a raid on an Alcoa-based jewelry/ gold-buying store on Tuesday. The shop's owner Danny Dossett Malone was cited for violating the states scrap jewelry laws and could face more charges, Sheriff Berrong added.

Authorities served the warrant at Malone's Jewelry, 332 Gill Street, after receiving several reports that it wasn't asking for identification when buying scrap jewelry or supplying transaction information to officials.

State law requires businesses that purchase scrap jewelry to register with local law enforcement. They must also get identification from sellers and wait 20 days before reselling anything they buy. All purchases must be reported to local authorities by noon the next day as well.

The Sheriff's Office said its Criminal Investigation Division followed up on several complaints, which often stemmed from burglary and theft cases.

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