Blount County Schools Shortfall

BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn.(WVLT)-- Facing an $81 million budget, the Blount County Board of Education is facing hard times and still can't afford to buy new textbooks.

That's just one of many recommendations from a laundry list made Thursday night at their board meeting Thursday night.
Rob Clark, Principal of William Blount said, "the teachers of the Blount County school system, they work for the kids of the county, they
work hard to meet the needs of the kids, regardless of what the budget is"

Trevis Gardner a school board member told Local 8 News, "The biggest affect on students would be teacher-student ratio, technology, and in particular textbooks."

Besides no new textbooks that saves nearly $900,000 dollars, the board also recommended cutting 7 high school teachers, 7 middle school teachers, and 7 elementary teachers. Also freezing the salaries of supervisors and administrators. At first they recommended eliminated 48 teacher assistant positions, but were able to save 42.

Rob Britt, Superintendent said,"The biggest affect on students would be teacher-student technology in particular textbooks
With all the cuts, the final say will be made by a vote by the Blount County Commission at a later date.

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