Business and homeowners want to see something done to slow down traffic on Alcoa Highway

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Business and homeowners say traffic and accidents have always been an issue on Alcoa Highway, and it's time that something is done to slow it down.

Charity Hardin is a manager at the Subway on Alcoa Highway, just south of Monday's deadly car accident at the intersection of Ginn Drive and Alcoa Highway. Hardin has been working at this location only two months, but already she has seen four accidents in front of her restaurant.

"I think they should put red lights on Alcoa Highway," Hardin said.

David Kerr lost his mother to a car accident near Maloney Road several years ago. He also said that lights would be a good start to finding a solution to slow down cars.

"I just hate this highway. How many more people are going to get killed on it before anybody does anything about it?" Kerr asked.

For residents who live in the area, they've been dealing with this for years.

Barbara Kincaid and her husband have lived close to Alcoa Highway since 1975 and have seen multiple wrecks.

"I've seen dead bodies on the highway. Mangled bodies. I have seen a lot of trauma," Kincaid said.

Business and homeowners alike agreed that with all the crashes in the area, something has to be done to get traffic to slow down. Several said traffic lights would likely be the best option, others opted that police have a stronger presence to try and deter people from speeding.

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