Campbell Co. Sheriff's Office gives away free school supplies

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La Follette, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Families flocked to La Follette Elementary all day Saturday to pick up free school supplies from the Campbell County Sheriff's Office. Times are tough for many, and the help makes a big difference.

"Their father is out of work, so it's just me working and you gotta pinch the pennies," said Barbara Burress.

"I'm a single father of four boys, so it's kind of hard. And the schools supplies - this kind of helps out greatly," said Ray Graham.

Kids got everything they need to head back to class:

"I got two notebooks, two folders, coloring pencils and an eraser," said Raven Powers, who will be in fourth grade this year.

Third-grader Domanic Burress said he's happy he got a whole pack of pencils.

"The pencils - if I break my lead on one of them I can just get another one," said Burress.

This is the event's third year. The Sheriff said it's about more than pencils and paper - it's about feeling comfortable with law enforcement officers.

"We feel it's important for our kids to see us, talk to us and meet us," said Sheriff Robbie Goins.

Kristyn Jones agrees. Her pre-schooler couldn't wait to talk to deputies.

"He was walking up here and was like, 'I'm going to tell the cops that I got new shoes!' So it's so good that he can be comfortable, and feel like he can talk to them and not be afraid of them," said Jones.'

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