Campbell Co. authorities targeting child support offenders

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- They've been flying under the radar, until now. Nine fathers were arrested Monday afternoon accused of failing to pay their child support.

"It's a financial responsibility. It's a responsibility to be there for your child," said District Attorney General Lori Phillips-Jones.

The former prosecutor in child support court created a list of parents who needed to be reminded of those responsibilities.

With the help of the Campbell County Sheriff's Department and THP, nine were arrested. There are 26 other child support offenders.

"Sometimes we get the excuse mom doesn't use it right...I don't it's going to the right things," Phillips-Jones said.

But often times, the parents fail to explain that to a judge.

"They have an opportunity to appear and tell the court why they haven't been paying," she said. "In cases where people have medical problems or are in between jobs, we generally give them time to get a Dr.'s statement or bring in proof that they're looking for work."

Local 8 News reached out to the nine men arrested but only spoke with Jack Morris and the mother of Charles Bruce.

Both Morris and Bruce are unemployed.

"The only ones who suffer are these kids," said Sheriff Robbie Goins. "They are required morally and by law and need to pay it. We're going to enforce it 100 percent."

Authorities haven't said when the next round up will be.

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