Campbell County animals wait for new homes

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- The video sparked the investigation.

It shows dogs laying on the ground, one in a bag and some harsh allegations of abuse and neglect at the Adrion W Baird Animal Center in Campbell County.

That video now in the hands of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the shelter shut down, and its 24 animals are right here in Knoxville at the Humane Society.

Twenty Four dogs and cats now in limbo.

But when you see them, you know they won't be here long.

The Humane Society desperate for new families the new additions, as adorable as they are, don't have much room. Or staff to take care of them.

"Taking in the extra animals meant additional medicines, additional food, additional staff it was taxing it was very taxing." Humane Society Director Debi Clark told us.

As for the video that brought them here, police are still working to see if it's legitimate or the allegations real.

The District Attorney would not say much but did tell us some of what is in the viral hit is not from Campbell County.

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