Campbell County commissioner charged with DUI

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LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Campbell County Commissioner James Wendall Bailey is in trouble with the law.

Police say they arrested the commissioner after they found him on the scene of a car accident at the intersection with Butter and Egg Road and Lays Lane. They say he was inside his truck with an overturned can spilling beer into the driver's side floorboard and 23 empty beer cans piled on the back floorboards.

According to reports, Bailey told officers he had started drinking around 5 p.m. Officers gave Bailey a field sobriety test and arrested him for DUI. Officers say he refused both a blood and breath alcohol test. He was booked at the Campbell County jail.

Jacksboro Police Chief Danny Chapman is good friends with Bailey. He says arresting him was tough, but the right thing to do.

"That's why we do this is to keep the community safe, the citizens safe, our children safe and even the defendant safe. We don't want him hurt or killed either," said Chapman.

Bailey is due in court on April 25.

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