Campfield's plan to stop Sex Week funding

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State Senator Stacy Campfield is ruffling feathers again. This time it's students at the University of Tennessee. The senator has introduced two bills that would limit how students pay for speakers on campus.

The first would require that student fees be distributed equally based on membership. The second would keep institutional revenue like student activity fees from going toward guest speakers. This comes after UT used state money to pay for the controversial sex week last year and students don't like it Campfield's stance.

UT Student Government Association Student Services Director Grant Davis says, "Just like the state hates it when Washington DC tries to come and tell them how to spend money, the students don't like Nashville telling them how to lock up thier money either."

There are a couple ways UT students are fighting Campfield. They have started a petition online and they are calling legislators. We reached out to Senator Campfield's office to get additional comments, but we haven't heard back just yet.