Children saved from life of forced prostitution say thank you

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A group of Eastern European girls spent the day at Another Chance Auto washing cars and thanking those who have donated to Stella's Voice, an organization which offers a safe house to orphans from Moldova and Romania.

"Stella's Voice has changed my life completely. Because I don't know if I'd be alive today if it wasn't for them," said Dasa Rosca, who is from Moldova and lived at Stella's House.

The orphans are wards of the state until they're 16. Then they're kicked out and often become victims of sex trafficking.

"We do know about sex trafficking and stuff, but once you're outside those gates and you have no life experience and no place to go, what do you do?" said Rosca.

"With no where to go, they end up going on the street and a guy will drive up in a car and say, 'I've got a restaurant in Italy' or a woman will drive up and say, 'I've got a babysitting job.' And they'll get in that car and within one day they're in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and they use them up to 50 times a day until they die," said Philip Cameron, who founded Stella's Voice.

Stella's Voice helps keep them safe, providing food and shelter as long as they stay in school. Cameron said it costs $67,000 a month to operate the organization. Some of that money comes from Another Chance Auto.

"They give me a chance. Now I can go to school and I can go back and help my dad. I can buy groceries for him and clean the house," said Mia Gorbani, who is from Moldova and currently lives at Stella's House.

Cameron said they'll be visiting churches and businesses across the country until September. They'll be sharing their experiences at Covenant LIfe Church in Lake City on Sunday at 10 AM.

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