Crimetracker: Two people charged in Blount Co. heroin bust

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LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Neighbors would see a lot at Meadowland apartments. They'd see kids playing, families coming and going, and a lot of strange people coming and going from one unit.

"Normally, there would be random strange cars that would pull up and wait for someone to come to the door. They would get in the car together, park somewhere else in the parking lot sit there maybe 15-20 minutes, come back and leave," said one woman who didn't want to be identified.

She was one of many neighbors who watched the drug activity happen outside her home.

But what neighbors didn't know, 21-year-old Tylor Hicks wasn't dealing pot or meth. Investigators with the Fifth Judicial Drug Task Force busted him for dealing heroin Wednesday afternoon.

"We were waiting for something to happen. We were actually one of the first people to call about it," said a neighbor.

According to investigators, numeruos complaints from concerned citizens lead to the arrests. When officers arrived, they found two men inside a car-- one of them using heroin. That's when investigators obtained a search warrant and searched Hicks' apartment, where they found an ounce of heroin.

Five people were taken into custody, but Hicks and Raphael Cortez Ferguson, 34, of Michigan were arrested and charged with possession of a Schedule I controlled substance with intent to resell.

Neighbors who first reported the crime were the first to watch it end.

The investigation is ongoing.

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