Crimetracker: Authorities investigating multi-county theft ring

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Meigs County couple is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items from multiple counties including McMinn, Monroe and Meigs Counties.

Michael and Winter Kirby were arrested last week after authorities discovered several stolen items on their property.

In Monroe County alone, Sheriff Bill Bivens believes more than $100,000 worth of things were stolen.

"We think there are more people involved," Sheriff Bivens said.

Investigators are tracking down any suspects linked to the duo. That's why Sheriff Bivens advises anyone who might have bought something from the couple -- reports it before they become part of the investigation.

"We want to give the opportunity to those who aren't connected to the thefts to return the items and not be thought of as suspects in our investigation," he said.

On Wednesday, authorities are also giving victims the opportunities to get their items back. The Meigs County Sheriff's Department will display the recovered items beginning at 9 .a.m.

They advise you bring a police report, any pictures and serial numbers to prove ownership of the items.

For more information, contact the sheriff's department: 423-334-5268.

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