Crimetracker: Cocke Co. homeowner shoots at intruder

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NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Logan Talley lives on Mountain Ranch Road in Newport and still can't believe what happened around midnight Thursday.

"I went to the movies actually, and I came home. I went to bed, and I wasn't home 15 minutes and I heard something on the back door. And I didn't really think anything of it, but then I heard the sound again," said Talley.

Talley came down the hallway with his gun, and saw a hand coming through the back door trying to undo the chain lock. That's when he took action:

"I pulled up and click, it wasn't loaded. I loaded again and pow, pow! I sent two rounds out the door," said Talley.

When deputies showed up, the thief was gone. They found no evidence that either of the bullets hit their mark, but did find pry marks on the door where the thief tried to get in.

Sheriff Armando Fontes said homeowners have every right to protect themselves against intruders, but added:

"The thing is to make sure that you know that it is in fact an intruder. That you know that it is in fact someone that is there attemtpting to commit harm to you or your family."

Talley has no doubts.

"He was wanting in here for one reason and one reason only - and that's to get whatever I have. And I wasn't going to let him have it. I worked too hard and too long for what I've got for somebody to take it." he said.

An avid hunter and gun collector, Talley said the thief picked the wrong house to break into.

"I hope I scared him enough where he won't come back. And where he won't break into anybody else's house," said Talley.

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