Crimetracker: Cocke Co. pool game ends with stolen money and hit-and-run

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DEL RIO, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tom Greene and his buddy, William Tadder, packed up the RV and planned to spend the weekend at Tent Camping USA. But that changed Saturday night when they went to Bobarosa Saloon.

"Me and Will got separated. I was going to go back to take a shower and he was watching the pool games. And apparently there was some betting going on on the pool games," said Greene.

Deputies said Paul Hook and another man were playing pool for $600. Brady Brazell was holding the prize money, but instead of giving it to the winner, he ran outside.

Hook followed him out and confronted him over the money in the parking lot, but Brazell got into his car and tried to take off. That's when deputies said he floored it, hitting Hook. Then they said he drove around to the other side of the bar and hit William Tadder. Paramedics rushed both men to the hospital. Greene said Tadder is in rough shape:

"He had a concussion, and knee damage and ribs and his fist is swollen up," said Greene.

Deputies found Brazell's car in Newport later that night with marks and dents. He faces two counts of aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident with bodily injury and theft over $500.

Tadder is recovering, but:

"Our trip was absolutely ruined. I mean, there's no way you can enjoy a campsite without being able to walk around," said Greene.

Tadder said he has no insurance and doesn't know how he'll pay for his medical care.

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