Crimetracker: Man says Jordan Camp stabbed him, leading up to standoff and deputy shot

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WEST KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Authorities surrounded the Concord Mobile Home Park Thursday. Wanted for aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident and violating his probation, Jordan Camp was holed up inside a trailer.

The charges stemmed from what happened at a nearby intersection Sunday. Garrett Gunn and his girlfriend were on their way home from the pool when they pulled up behind Camp. That's when Camp backed into Gunn's car.

"I got out pretty mad, I started - I was beating on his window to get him out and confront him about it and that's when he rolled down the window and it all happened," said Gunn.

He said Camp thrust a large hunting knife at him, grazing his neck and slicing his left hand open.

"Bleeding everywhere, pain - a lot of it. Just wanted to get to a hospital," said Gunn.

In shock, his girlfriend rushed to help him.

"Garrett was laying on the ground bleeding to death almost if I hadn't taken him to the hospital. And Jordan had no reason to stab him, he just stabbed him looking for trouble," said Sarah Webb.

They called 911 and deputies started looking for Camp. Webb said Camp posted a scary Facebook message while on the run:

"He said, 'I'm not done with him', talking about Garrett. And I don't know -it was just, traumatic," she said.

It all ended at the mobile home park when Camp shot Sergeant Mike Ledbetter in the leg. Officers returned fire, killing him.

Even though Camp hurt him, Gunn wishes things had ended differently.

"It's just - I didn't expect him - he could have gone, served his time and been out and be perfectly alive and well and not ending up like he did yesterday," said Gunn.

Gunn said his thoughts and prayers are with Camp's family right now and said he never wanted anything like this to happen.

He said he's still recovering from his injuries, but expects to have full use of his hand.

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