Crimetracker: Pair busted again for animal cruelty

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New Tazewell, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Claiborne County Animal Shelter is temporarily housing 29 chickens. Shelter workers got them after deputies confiscated the birds from Charlie Gregory and Tanichiah Little - a pair they're very familiar with.

Officers pulled Gregory's trailer over in February and found puppies crammed three to a box, and a beagle in a container so small, it couldn't stand up. Chickens, peacocks and rabbits were also stuffed into cages.

"They received one year of probation and couldn't own any animals during that year," said Misti Coffey, the shelter's manager.

But on Sunday, deputies found Gregory and Little selling chickens at the flea market again.

Gregory and Little each face one new count of animal cruelty. As for the 29 chickens:

"They were not overcrowded in the cages like they were last time - they were spread out, they had cups for food and water and they seemed to be in pretty good condition other than that they were hungry," said Coffey.

The Sheriff said even though the chickens are mostly healthy, the pair were breaking the law by having them.

"The judge has the opportunity to sentence them and revoke the probation period that they were previously on so, sure, they're looking at some time possibly," said David Ray, Sheriff David Ray.

Shelter workers said they're hopeful the court will sign the chickens over to the shelter and they'll be adopted out to good homes.

Gregory and Little are due in court September 12.

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