Crimetracker: Rockwood Police investigating counterfeit cash

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ROCKWOOD, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Rockwood Police Chief Danny Wright said store clerks at the Rocky Top Market and the IGA on Gateway Avenue discovered two counterfeit $20s on Sunday. He said they used a special marker to determine the bills were fake, and then called police.

Officers said the people paying with the fake money had gotten it elsewhere, and didn't realize it was counterfeit. They're now working to spread the word to businesses and people in town so no one gets ripped off.

"Be a little more vigilant in examination of the bills that they receive. We put a post on Facebook advising them that we had had a couple of counterfeit $20s passed," said Wright.

Cheif Wright said one of the easiest ways to tell a bill is fake is by touching it. He said real money is printed on special paper, and counterfeit cash doesn't feel the same. He said real money also has color shifting ink, watermarks and security stripes.

The Rockwood Police Department is working with the Roane County Sheriff's Office and Harriman and Kingston Police to find the source of the fake money.

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