Crimetracker: Tossed cinder blocks leads to cell block

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Two people are facing charges after Monroe Co. deputies respond to reports of someone throwing cinder blocks onto the roadway near Tellico Street South and Old Tellico Hwy North, according to the Monroe Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Vince Kile and Josh Anderson are each charged with Aggravated Assault. Kile also faces a charge of Possession of a Firearm while Intoxicated after reportedly admitting to drinking two 24 oz. beers before going into the woods where he claims he and Anderson were looking for a trespasser.

Kile was caught by one of the people who allegedly had a cinder block thrown in front of their vehicles. The victim told authorities he got out of his car and went looking for whomever ever threw it. That's when the victim said Kile came out of the woods with a rifle pointed at the victim's face.

After telling Kile who he was and that they knew each other, Kile put the gun down and told him that his cousin, Josh Anderson, was still in the woods. During that time, the victim claims they heard a gunshot.

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