Crimetracker: kids find meth lab

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SCOTT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Two meth lab busts, four dump sites, nine arrests and three homes quarantined.

All that in two weeks work for Scott County deputies.

But one discovery was made by kids in Winfield just playing in the woods. That's what really has police concerned.

Stacy Daniels thought about their mobile home community tucked behind Winfield City Park was a safe place, that is until recently.

Two weeks ago, meth materials were found in one of the homes, which was then quarantined.

Then, last week while playing in the woods, her son and other kids found a Powerade bottle that looked suspicious. They knew it was a meth lab, and alerted an adult.

"I'm glad. Glad it wasn't anything that could hurt him, that it didn't hurt any of them," said Daniels.

"If the children were to open the bottles, there's different types of gas that are very hazardous if you inhale it. There's lithium strips that will flash if coming in contact with moisture of your skin or water. It's very dangerous," said Kris Lewallen, a Scott County SO Drug Agent. "It's very serious. It can cause you to go into respiratory arrest, it could collapse your lungs, it could stop your breathing.

That was the second meth lab found in the neighborhood in just the past month, and Daniels says she's worried about even letting her kids outside anymore.

Agent Lewallen said that was the 13th abandoned meth lab they've discovered so far this year. He says the problem is only getting worse, because it's so easy to just dump out those shake-and-bake labs, with no regard for who may find them.

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