Despite the rain, fireworks still went on

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The rain didn't dampen plans for thousands of people, who, rain or shine, were going to celebrate the Fourth of July regardless.

"Even though it rained its still fun it makes it better when it rains pretty much," said Kendall Medders.

You may not agree that hanging out in the rain is fun, but plenty of people did. Balloon artist, Elaine Graham, had a long line of customers waiting to get a balloon animal.

She said, "I'm really flustered but its a wonderful day and everybody should be down here."

People sat in the soggy grass to listen to some good tunes, eat funnel cake, and to celebrate the Fourth.

Once the fireworks began, the rain wasn't as big of a deal. People were enjoying what this holiday is all about.

Elaine Graham said, "our freedom and our independence. We should all thank god for that.