Elderly man rescued from fire

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT)- An elderly man was saved from his burning home on Sunday morning.

It happened in East Knoxville on Atlantic Avenue at about 9.

Patricia Miller was checking in on Harry Turner, 70, just like she does every weekend.

"I came by to check on him and I saw smoke coming from the house, the door was locked, I unlocked it and he was blocking door," she says.

Harry's house had caught fire and Patricia says he fainted just before he reached the door.

"He made it all the way through the house till the kitchen door."

She couldn't open the door wide enough to reach Harry so she called for help.

"I told my daughter to run across to the neighbors house and the men came running down here opened the door pulled him out and saved him."

Firefighters say Harry was taken to UT Medical Center for smoke inhalation, his neighbors came to the rescue just in time.

"He had blood coming around his ears and I don't know if it was on his arms or not but, another 10 minutes he wouldn't have made it," says one of Harry's neighbors, Calvin Cherry.

Fire investigators are confident a lit cigarette caused the fire. Something Patricia was afraid of.

"He's a smoker so he may have fallen asleep with the cigarette," she says.

Firefighters were able to contain the blaze to a single room in the front of the house. No word on Harry's condition.

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