Expect lots of traffic in Sevier County for Easter

Easter traffic is building in Pigeon Forge. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- All week long Sevier County has been packed and a number of businesses are looking forward to a slammed packed weekend.

Tens of thousands of people are filling the area. You'll find lines at almost every attraction, but families like Tanya Merkel's are making sure they smile with the kids.

"To be able to show them something like this, that they open their eyes too, a part of the world they might not ever get to see that's what it's all about," said MerKel as she touch animals at Ripley's Aquarium. "This is our last day here, we got here on Wednesday so we're getting ready to go back to Evansville."

Folks aren't leaving anytime soon according to hotel bookings for next week. Many hotels say prebookings are up to 80%.

"I can tell my looking at reservations here at the Inn on the River that we're close to full everyday all through next weekend," said Karl Thomas, at The Inn on the River. "This right here indicates how the Summer will be. And also I always use memorial weekend as a big indicator to see how big the whole summers going to be."

Employers say they're optimistic about this week, many having a record number of sales this week. They're evaluating now how many workers are needed through the summer.

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