False alarm: attempted robbery on UT campus never occurred

The UT Police Department received what turned out to be a false report of an attempted robbery that occurred at approximately 2:35 a.m outside Massey Hall, 825 Volunteer Boulevard. The supposed victim, a UT student, was exiting the building on the southwest side and was surprised by the suspect. During the struggle, the suspect attempted to take the victim's belongings and was unsuccessful.

The suspect then fled eastbound towards Volunteer Boulevard. The suspect was described as a black male who was 6 feet 2 inches, approximately 220 pounds. with a muscular build, dark skin, and short frizzy hair. The suspect was wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants.

After investigating this morning's reported attempted robbery, however, UT Police have determined the incident report was false. The reporting individual, a UT student, advised the incident did not occur. He was subsequently charged with filing a false police report, which is a Class D Felony.

In a statement, UTPD said, "We take false reports very seriously and we will prosecute when a false report is filed because it unnecessarily activates emergency resources and causes undue concern for our campus community."

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