Family gets keys to a new home just in time for Christmas

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Nikia and her two kids, Domenic, and Darmonie have been hoping, wishing and praying to have a place to call home.

Less than a week before Christmas their prayers were answered.

"It's amazing, it's a blessing, a lot of mixed emotions, tears of joy," says Nikia.

Middlebrook Pike United Methodist and Fountain City United Methodist churches partnered with Habitat for Humanity to raise money and build this home.

"A lot of people put in a lot of hard work on this thing," says John Voss, coordinator for Middlebrook Pike United Methodist Church, "and this home and especially this time of the year, to give her the keys five days before Christmas is pretty special."

"You see people coming in and coming out taking time out to help us build this home," says Nikia's son, Domenic.

Darmonie, Nikia's daughter already picked out her room, it's the one closest to mom, "It's big, we have a dining room and a living room!"

Just as the New Year is about to start, a new beginning starts for this family.

"There's a lot of good caring and loving people in the world, they were strangers but now they are family," says Nikia.

"So many times we think about the house but, it really is the humanity and the people involved in it."

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