Flood waters recede in Pigeon Forge

Waters were high on Thursday at the Old Mill Historic Site in Pigeon Forge. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Flood waters from the Little Pigeon River have gone back down which relieves many businesses in Pigeon Forge.

Wednesday evening, many businesses were worried the river would flood their businesses. At the Lumberjack Feud, they saw the waters rise 5 feet ever 2 hours. Some logs and equipment quickly were in danger, though the water was about 8 feet from the building.

"When you see it go from 5 foot above to where it normally is to 10 foot and you see the bridge like that under water, you start getting concerned," said Rob Scheer, General Manager of Lumberjack Feud.

Upstream, there were concerns at the Old Mill as well. Water rushed over the water fall and threatened the historic building.

"Yesterday it got quite high and we had a lot of spectators crossing the bridge yesterday just gazing to see if it was actually going to come over or not and we were a little concerned too," said Donna Huffaker with the Old Mill. "Several of the businesses along this same street were quite concerned and a lot of them stayed late just to see what was going to happen,"

Some worry the flooding may have people changing their vacation plans. The Clarion Inn in Pigeon Forge, says they took numerous phone calls from people asking about the weather.

"Just like the mail man, east Tennessee is open for business. What a difference a day make the sun is out, the clouds are a few and we might get a snow flake or two just to make the mountains interesting," said Scott Ellis, General Manager of the hotel.

Sevier County emergency managers say there was no major damage reported from the flood waters. By Thursday afternoon all of the roads that were closed because of flooding were opened again.

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