Folks relive JFK's assassination 50 years later

Folks relive JFK's assassination 50 years later.

"We got the word on car radio that the President had been killed," said Harold Middlebrook.

Within minutes, the news spread through communities all across America.

"It was beyond our imagination and almost beyond our ability to comprehend," said Middlebrook.

That the most powerful man in the world was gunned down.
It's the day many say America lost its innocence.

The sniper? Five government investigations say Lee Harvey Oswald did it. Many still believe he didn't act alone.

As of now, half a century later those who lived it will never forget the horror.

"It was a setback for us and a tragedy that will live on," said Middlebrook.

Many Americans remember where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated. Morristown's Jodie Hansen is one of those.

She began a collection about this very day-- getting responses from Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Bill Clinton and the list goes on.

The book includes hundreds of letters from folks all over the country,reliving the day John F. Kennedy was killed.

To hear the phone interview between Hansen and Local 8 News Reporter Sharee Gilbert, click on the video.

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