Folks working to clean up Broadway Shopping Center

A rash of robberies and shoplifting has store owners on the offensive.
They're not depending on cops to keep bandits out.

Ricky Stallings isn't a paid employee...but everyday he comes to work hoping to make a difference.

He rides around patrolling this Broadway Shopping Center hoping to catch folks causing trouble.

"I'm the eyes for this parking lot," said Stallings.

But when he's not here, store owners like Hamish Amin have KPD's towers watching out for him.

"Since the tower has been here things are a little better. I had a drunk pass out in front of my door vomit everywhere," said Amin.

Along with a bank robbery that happened at the Suntrust Bank nearby.

"We want to clean it up and make it better for all of us," said Stallings.

That's why they're taking charge in the fight against crime.

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