Football player speaks about breaking his neck

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After a life-threatening tackle, a Kingston football player who broke his neck is home. Less than a week after he broke his neck tackling another player on the field, Seth Haynes is back home. And as he left the hospital, we heard him talk about it for the first time.

Nurses rolled Seth Haynes down the hospital hallway in a wheelchair. Even though he broke his neck last Friday, Seth Haynes says, "I can walk. I've been walking up down hallway with a walker."

He remembers the tackle. Seth Haynes says, "I've been playing football my whole life. Never thought I would go out there and break my neck."

He spent a week in a hospital bed, and still has to have feeding tubes because his throat is swollen. Even though he can walk, he'll never play football again. Haynes says, "After someone breaks their neck, they're usually paralyzed. I got super lucky."

Seth's mom Tammy Haynes says, "I think he's handled it well. He's been a trooper. We're just grateful to be going home today."

His classmates held a walk at school to raise money for hospital bills, and he's received dozens of cards from other players and coaches. Tammy says, "It just makes you have a different perspective on life. Everyday is just a blessing."

He has to wear the neck brace for a month. He'll return to school in two months.

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