Get Fit Seymour prepares to launch

SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Saturday morning 350 people who are eager to shed pounds will be stepping up to the challenge.

Gretchen Rivers decided to get rid of 30 pounds last year and now she wants to share her knowledge with everyone else.

"When I started losing weight I decided that I wanted to share the knowledge I gained and I wanted to do it for free," said Rivers.

The program offers free nutrition, therapy, and workouts for 60 days.

In Seymour she's teamed up with other businesses to make the transition easier. Willie's Restaurant has developed a new menu designed to help people in the program. Some burger plates substitute sweet potato fries for regular fries.

"Even those folks that want to lose weight still want good food. So you can't eat the same menu every night, so we have choices that taste good," said David Garagozzo, of Willie's. "There's also an enormous amount of nutrients in items. Sweet potatoes have a lot of nutrition in there and the more fuel your body gets for nutrition, the easier it is to burn."

Andrea Gideon and Winter Duncan plan on helping folks at Smoky Mountain CrossFit. They say the help some people need is through socialization with people who want the same goals.

"I'd try to work out at home for years and I couldn't. I'd be consistent for a little while and I'd get lazy and I'd quit. So I knew I needed to find a community of people," said Gideon.

"I'll be here for the other people that are where I was when I first started coming," said Duncan. "So I get to sit now and be like 'you can do this.' So that is probably one of my favorite things to do right now."

Get Fit Seymour has filled all available spaces but plans on doing the program again next year.

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