Authorities investigating Girl Scout leader accused of spending troop's money

"Do a good turn daily" is the Girl Scout's slogan. It's a reason many parents have their daughter's join in hopes they can contribute to the lives of others.

But one Girl Scout dad told Local 8 News his daughters' troop leader didn't live up to the expectation.

Police are investigating a former troop leader accused of spending the troop's money for personal expenses.

"All the girls in the troop have worked very hard. Often in freezing rain, in front of Walmarts and fast food restaurants to boost cookie sales," said Timothy Cummings, a father of 2.

Cumming's two daughters were once members of troop 20072 in Jefferson County. He said the girls never got to reap all the benefits of their efforts.

He told Local 8 News the troop leader "actually confessed to diverting $800 for a member of her family to pay bills."

Cummings recently got his hands on bank statements and receipts and began going over the numbers.

"I saw there was much more to this picture than $800," he said. "We believe based on looking at bank statements and receipts that alteast $5,300 is missing or unaccounted for."

Cummings has turned those statements and receipts to Jefferson City Police. Authorities confirmed they are looking into it.

Local 8 News reached out to the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians. They released this statement:

"Upon being made aware of the situation, we began immediately taking steps to investigate it and take all appropriate actions in accordance with our policies....As always, the safety and security of our girls is our first and immediate priority."

According to the council, Patty Graf is not a troop leader at this time.

Cummings said he wants to see accountability, and hopes all parents know that they should know where the money goes.

Local 8 News reached out to Graf who denied the allegations.

The investigation is ongoing.

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