Globetrotter Legends in town to right one man's wrong, while helping kids

RUTLEDGE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Members of the Harlem Globetrotter Legends put on a basketball clinic for kids, while hitting the court for a fundraising game.

But, the former Globetrotters were also busy turning a sour situation into a sweet one. "Legends" head coach and owner, Larry "Gator" Rivers, says he wanted to make up for another man's mistake.

Rivers says, "What happened was Mr. Rains, was most unfortunate. Because his heart was in the right place, for doing something in this community. Make that be known. He really wanted to do something, but he went about it the wrong way."

A while back, a man named Eugene Rains put on a clinic for Grainger County kids-- one that included a drug free message. Raines claimed he was once a world famous Harlem Globetrotter. It turns out he wasn't.

So the "Legends", former Globetrotters like "Gator", "Stilts", and "Hollywood" came to Grainger County to help Sheriff Scott Layel raise funds for the county's "Shop with a Cop" program. Last year, 75 kids in need were able to shop at Walmart, with one hundred dollars each.
This year, Layel hopes to give 150 kids the chance.

Layel says, "We're out here to help people. We're out here to make things a little bit easier in troubling times."

Layel is still asking for donations. You can bring a check to the Grainger County Sheriff's office.

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