Governor Bill Haslam weighs in on obesity

A new study shows childhood obesity is down, but in Tennessee, it's up.

Tennessee is known for wholesome home cooking.

Mix that with a lot of sitting around and you've got a recipe for problems.

Chelsi Wolz, a research associate at the University of Tennessee's Healthy Eating Lab says the report doesn't surprise her.

"it's unfortunate for us," she says, "but a lot of contributing factors would be high consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, juices, a lot of TV time, screen time, computer time, and also just a lack of physical activity. "

The Centers for Disease Control says two out of three adults in Tennessee are overweight, nearly one in three, obese.

This new report comes as Governor Bill Haslam visits Knoxville to introduce a new health initiative, fighting obesity.

Haslam's three rules: Exercise 30 minutes 5 times a week, eat fresher foods and don't smoke or chew.

"I think it's a matter of expectation and shifting the culture in Tennessee," says Haslam.

The Governor plans to work with local schools as the project gets moving.

The key - finding something that's fun as well as exercise.

And parents - make sure you provide a healthy example

"If you want your kids to eat broccoli you need to eat broccoli," says Wolz.

And getting back to basics is what Tennessee needs to shed its image as an overweight state.

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