Grainger County Tomatoes

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RUTLEDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Jack has been farming tomatoes along with other fruits and vegetables for decades - but this year, it's been extra challenging

He says, "this has been a tough season. We've had too much water, too much rain on the tomatoes. Tomatoes don't do well when there's too much water."

Tomatoes planted later in the season are not doing so bad just yet, but the ones that were put in the ground earlier, well they've had problems due to all this rain. Too much rain has caused disease to spread throughout the farmer's crop. Some have said there will only be about a quarter of the crops compared to years past. And with the Grainger County Tomato Festival coming up, many are concerned. But not Jack.

Jack adds, "I think that the tomato festival will be great. It's always great and it's a plus for this county. It's a plus for the tomato farmers in this county so i think it'll be real good. I don't know if there will be as many tomatoes this year as normal. I know we don't have as many tomatoes, but we do have tomatoes."

One thing is for sure. There are plenty of rotten tomatoes around for the tomato wars at the festival this Saturday. The Grainger County Tomato Festival is a free annual event held at Rutledge Middle School on highway 11W. It starts this Friday and runs through Sunday. And we'll be there for our town on Friday.

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