Grainger County teen looks to fund mom's cancer treatments

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BEAN STATION, Tenn. (WVLT) - Seventeen year old Brittany Davis doesn't waste one minute of the day. She takes care of her mom suffering from cancer, her five younger siblings, and now she's planning a fundraiser to help them all.

"I went in in June 2012. What I thought was an appendix that had ruptured maybe. When I was in surgery they found the colon cancer pressed against the appendix," said mom Lois Davis.

Since June, doctors found cancer on the other side of Lois's colon. Now, she's waiting results of a couple of spots found on her liver.

"Cancer affects everybody. It's something we need to fight for a cure and raise awareness to where people know about every kind of cancer, not just breast cancer or ovarian cancer," said Brittany.

Now she's working to do just that with a walk-a-thon on her family's property.

"I have t-shirts I'm designing, and lanyards and bracelets that say faith, hope and love,"

Brittany hopes to have at least 100 participants. One woman's already pledged 100 cookbooks to sale, and Brittany's preparing for an auction.

"It's been a hard struggle for our entire family and I think she wants to prevent others from having to face that too," said Lois.

Brittany plans to save a third of the funds for her mom's treatment and transportation to Kingsport. She plans to give the rest to Wellmont Cancer Institute’s Patient Financial Fund specifically for Colon Cancer to help patients without medical insurance.