Hamblen Co. drug bust nets dozens of suspects

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The Hamblen County narcotics unit started early Monday morning before sunrise picking up suspects. And it's a big drug bust. In all, they have 102 charges on 60 people.

It's called operation pills kill two. Hamblen County deputies knocked on doors rounding up suspected drug dealers. Lt. Chad Mullins says, "We're arresting for meth, oxy, hydros, cocaine and marijuana."

Investigators also confiscated crack cocaine and guns. They found one gun stolen out from Lenoir City. Deputies have put a lot of work into the case. They've tracked these suspects for more than a year.
Lt. Chad Mullins says, "We have a horrible drug problem. We see pill abuse most common."

Neighbors watched as officers surrounded the houses and took the suspects into custody. They tell us they're glad investigators are getting them off the streets. Michael Keister says, "Drugs are a big problem in Morristown. If they're going to get drugs off the street, they're going to have to get a bigger jail. If they do them, they need to pay the crime."

These are the names of the people they've arrested so far:

Jason Hill

Wendy Jefferson, 26 of Morristown

Diane Shultz

Sam Webb

Harold Williams, 42 of Philadelphia

Jonathan Spicer, 42 of Philadelphia

Cory McNew

Mackenzie Russell

Ricardo Amayia

Lawrence Wells, 42 of Morristown

The following have been arrested today on Drug Indictments

Donna Fleenor, 51 of Morristown

Christopher Peters, 21 of Morristown

Jerry Mitchell, 64 of Morristown

Ryan Gibson, 25 of Morristown

John Massey, 40 of Morristown

James Emmerick, 50 of Morristown

Stephanie Schafer, 48 of Morristown

Carla Rogers, 35 of Morristown

John Cody Russell, 22 of Morristown

James Hale II, 61 of Morristown Father

James Hale III, 36 of Morristown Son

Christy Smith, 26 of Morristown

Ben King, 26 of Morristown

Timothy Cline, 55 of Talbott

Joshua A. Moore, 31 of Morristown

Kathy Potter, 50 of Morristown