Homeless Shelter needs help

HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The Scott County Homeless Shelter has stayed open since its leader, Jerry Voiles, was shot and killed last May.

But since then, it's struggled with money.

Right now there is enough grant money to operate the shelter and feed the homeless.

But the executive director says there's little cash to pay for the some of the lease, utilities, even the workers' salaries.

"Our transportation, that's not covered in our grant. If somebody has to go to a doctor's appointment, or anything that just costs (money) To take them them somewhere, the grant doesn't cover that," said Marie Jeffers.

Transportation includes shuttling clients to job interviews.

If you are interested in helping the shelter or the food pantry, you can call 423-663-3333.

The shelter serves the homeless in Scott, Morgan, and Campbell Counties.

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