Judge dismisses charges against pastor

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A judge has dismissed charges of assault against a Pigeon Forge pastor and his wife.

Wednesday, a judge heard arguments in a trial where Andrew Byrd alleged he was assaulted at the church by Joel and Theresa Arwood while at their church. Byrd said his tooth had been taken out by the couple.

The judge dismissed the charges in the case.

"I expected it to go the otherway with the evidence we had. I think we presented well but I think the Church of God carries a lot of clout it's hard to overcome that," said Byrd.

In a counterclaim by Theresa Arwood, she says Byrd "pulled out a knife to inflict serious bodily harm to the Counter-Plaintiff and other attending church members."

Byrd says he's considering civil options at this time.

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