Check your schedules! KAT stepping up service; rolling out new routes

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Riders aren't going to have to stand around as long anymore. Starting Monday, buses will be running more often along seven routes, according to KAT. Many core routes will also be running later into the evening.

With the new changes, KAT says wait times will be reduced to no more than 15 minutes for 90% of all transfers at the Knoxville Station. It's calling the new schedule the most significant improvement since that station opened in 2010.

KAT is also rolling out two new routes:

Route 19 – Lakeshore/Lonas is a Bearden connector route that will serve Lakeshore Park and the Choto Building at Lakeshore as well as South College and apartments in the Lonas Road area. This route will normally serve Lyons View Pike as well, but will begin on detour due to the street closure. Route 45 – Vestal will serve the Vestal neighborhood, Montgomery Village, and connect to the Chapman Highway area.

It also plans on stretching Route 16 to cover parts the old Route 18, which was eliminated to improve efficiency.

Detailed information on the service changes can be found on the website, or by visiting the Customer Service Counter at Knoxville Station, or calling 637-3000. New printed bus schedules are being delivered to schedule racks across the city this week. Passengers should be sure that the routes listed below show a June 3, 2013 Effective Date, listed on the cover

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