Kingston football player walks on field one week after breaking his neck

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KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT) It's only been a week, but 15 year-old Seth Haynes was determined to join his team again on the football field. Seth broke his neck playing the game he loves, and Friday evening he walked across the field to join his teammates on the sideline.

Fans cheered and applauded, players hugged him and gave him high-fives. Coaches imparted words of wisdom.

All Seth Haynes wanted to do was join his team again.

"It's sad, to be honest," Seth said as he watched his teammates warming up for the game against Sweetwater. "Everything just sunk in right now. Not being able to dress out with my teammates."

Seth has received attention from media across East Tennessee after his accident, and with cameras surrounding him on the field Friday night, coaches joked that Seth looked a little like Denzel Washington.

Head Coach Brian Pankey said he was almost in tears watching Seth walk onto the field to greet his team.

"It's just a miracle. To see him walk down that K. And just seven days ago to see him carted off the way he was carted off and suffering a broken neck...It's just a miracle," Pankey said.

Seth was just happy to be back.

"It feels good to be out here, even though I can't play. It just feels good to be around my teammates."

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