Knox County kids prepare for first day of new school year

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Students in Knox County are heading back to school Monday, but there's last minute shopping to do and some uneasy nerves to settle.

The first day of school is a rite of passage for some, like Matthew Ownby who is going into the sixth grade.

“Be in a higher grade, not the little kid anymore, with 8th grade, I'm excited about it," he says.

TinaMarie Smithee, who is also going into middle school, says, “It's really no different than 5th grade. I'm really looking forward to it because it's just a big step."

It can be nerve-wracking for others.

“I was kinda nervous at first because the school is so big,” says freshman Ensley Vittetoe.

For some parents, it's concerning.

"It makes me nervous, especially with my youngest daughter who is starting middle school for the first time this year,” says mother of two Shaquetta Dubose.

All those jitters will be tossed out the window starting Monday when the bells ring in Knox County schools.

Smithee says she can't wait for the perks that come with being in middle school, "I think really just switching classes and having a locker."

Ownby says first impressions are everything.

“It's always important to do a good impression on a teacher with how you dress."

Parents are wishing their kids a successful school year.

Dubose says, “I hope every kid has a good school year and everybody is safe and happy."

The third annual Back to School Bash will be held at the Knoxville Expo Center on Monday from 3 to 6 p.m.

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